Fixture Group:



Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
24/10/14 08:00 PM The Loungers Caddy Cons Raiders Cadoxton Cons #2
31/10/14 08:00 PM BFC Allsorts Runways The Liberal Club
31/10/14 08:00 PM Billy Ghosts Plastics C King William(The Billy)
31/10/14 08:00 PM Caddy Cons Raiders Mariners 66 Cadoxton Cons #3
31/10/14 08:00 PM Hell Raisers The Loungers Cadoxton Cons #2
31/10/14 08:00 PM Park Weasels Cwm Talwg The Park Hotel
31/10/14 08:00 PM The Poachers The Wanderers Cadoxton Cons #1
31/10/14 08:00 PM The Tynewydd Inn The Dockers The Tynewydd Inn
07/11/14 08:00 PM Cwm Talwg The Tynewydd Inn Cwm Talwg
07/11/14 08:00 PM Mariners 66 Hell Raisers The Witchell Hotel
07/11/14 08:00 PM Plastics C Caddy Cons Raiders Market Street Club
07/11/14 08:00 PM Runways Park Weasels Rhoose Flying Club
07/11/14 08:00 PM The Dockers Billy Ghosts The Dockers club
07/11/14 08:00 PM The Loungers The Poachers Cadoxton Cons #2

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